Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy | Activities

We advise companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and private individuals on all matters relating to tax or tax law. This includes the keeping of financial accounts, the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns.

We also advise and represent you in criminal tax cases.

In addition to the classic cases of national tax law, we also deal in particular with tax structures and circumstances with a connection to international tax law and foreign tax regulations. This may concern, for example, the tax implications of executing an order abroad, the tax treatment of real estate or assets located abroad, an inheritance abroad, the tax implications of activities abroad or the tax treatment of foreign investment income.

We would like to offer you our expertise not only when it is "only" a question of the tax assessment of a given circumstance, but already in the run-up we would like to point out structuring possibilities which lead to the best possible tax result for you. Often, prior tax advice enables you to achieve a satisfactory tax result.