Legal advice

Legal advice | Activities

We will provide you with the best possible legal advice, on the one hand in the event of a dispute, but also in advance in the context of the legal structuring of facts.

In the event of a dispute, we will represent you in all matters of tax and criminal tax law, contract and corporate law, labor law  and social security law. In addition to these areas covered by ourselves, we have the possibility to offer you support through existing cooperations with other law firms in  other areas of law, such as  traffic law, insolvency law, construction law, landlord and tenant law, general criminal law and inheritance law. If we are unable to offer you representation in a particular case, we will assist you in finding a specialized colleague.

We also advise you  on the legal and tax structuring of certain life matters. This concerns, for example, the preparation and drafting of contracts (partnership agreements, employment contracts, purchase agreements ...), the preliminary examination of the legal security of operational measures or the preparation of corporate restructuring.